Hennessy Launches the Coolest Cocktail Kits and Travel Bags With Opening Ceremony

First we had Momofuku-branded Nike high tops (emblazoned with a swish and a Lucky Peach logo), then came a Milk Bar-designed Madewell collection (key pieces: a dark denim apron and an indigo-dyed bandana printed with cookies), and now Hennessy is the latest food-and-beverage-world giant to team up with a fashion label and hop aboard the merch train. The cognac brand has partnered with Opening Ceremony on an “East Meets West”-inspired travel bag (available today) and a cocktail kit (out December 3)—both items were designed with Hennessy’s XO-grade bottles in mind (in cognac parlance, XO means extra old, or aged for at least six years). 

“The collaboration with Hennessy was born from a shared passion for bringing together and celebrating different cultures. For this design, we wanted to explore and honor our heritage by drawing inspiration from family traditions, our world travels, and the blending of our Eastern and Western backgrounds,” Opening Ceremony co-owner Humberto Leon said in a statement. (A 2001 trip to Hong Kong famously inspired Leon and his business partner Carol Lim to open the shop-turned-fashion-powerhouse.) “The bold, rich flavor of XO reminds us of family celebrations and toasts to success and good fortune, so to capture that spirit, we created a modern, luxurious travel bag in vibrant gold, a color that represents prosperity in Asian culture.” 

The travel bag ($350 at OpeningCeremony.com) is an expanded version of a classic OC design, made over in luxe gold leather, with extra interior pockets and an adjustable strap so you can sling it over your shoulder while running through the airport. Meanwhile, the cocktail kit ($204 through cocktail delivery service Cocktail Courier) is inspired by a traditional Chinese tea service, and features everything you need to make eight different drinks: a 750ml bottle of Hennessy XO, orange cream citrate bitters, wildflower honey syrup, jasmine green tea, three lemons, a custom ice mold, and a step-by-step guide. 

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