It Is Unbelievably Easy to Make a Keg Out of a Watermelon

Besides extraordinarily cheap beer, vodka-soaked watermelon was one of the most popular ways we consumed booze in college. You may have made one before. You just hollow out a little bit of the melon, pour a bottle of vodka into it and let it sit overnight. But Household Hacker has a much better way to manipulate a watermelon for your drinking needs. In just two minutes, the site shows you how to tap an empty watermelon and use it as a keg. They happen to be using a 3-D printed tap, but your local Home Depot will have a valve that will do the job.

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The making of the keg is the easy part. The more pressing issue is what to put in it. When we hear keg, we immediately think beer. We know not everyone is a fan of fruity beer, but filling your organic keg with a light not-too-hoppy pilsner should give the beer a slightly sweet kick that’s great for a summer day. If that’s not your style though go with punch or sangria. There’s not much summer left so get out there and find yourself a melon.

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