One of NYC’s Last Seltzermen Talks About the Beauty of Delivering Seltzer

In Brooklyn, there are the new school hipsters who claim they were doing things it before they were cool. Then there are the old school locals who really have been doing them since before they were cool. Although, what’s cool is really in the eye of the beholder.

For instance, being a seltzerman has probably never been seen as a glamorous gig in the same way that say, being milkman was (opportunities for affairs in the ‘50s, am I right?). But now that New York City only has one seltzer company left, Gromberg Seltzer Works, the somewhat archaic brand’s remaining eight seltzer deliverymen suddenly have an interesting story to tell. It’s like how no one cared about billions of passenger pigeons, but suddenly when Martha is the only one left, she’s a bird celebrity.

Not to imply that seltzerman have to be a dying breed. As he explains in the video above, Alex Gomberg certainly thinks his company produces a “better seltzer.” Maybe this short clip will even catch the eye of some of those new school Brooklynites and seltzer delivery will return to its glorious heyday. 

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