Watch How Whiskey Barrels Get Their Amazing Char

Japanese whiskey has been gaining popularity for years now, but the topic recently reached a new fervor when the 2015 World Whiskey Bible placed a spirit from Japan at the top of its list.

Back before the results were even unveiled, Potluck Video had gone over to the Asian isle to see what all the fuss was about. They dropped by the Nikka Yoichi Distillery in Hokkaido, an award-winning whiskey maker in its own right. In a series of interviews, Nikka employees emphasized some of the keys to Japan’s success, including their attention to detail, wide variety of styles and willingness to mix whiskeys to meet consumer tastes.

But an even cooler takeaway from the trip was this awesome flame-filled video showing how a whiskey barrel is charred to prepare it for use in aging.

Unfortunately, Potluck’s choice of tune to accompany the two minute clip is nowhere near as hot as the inside of a whiskey barrel during charring. Just crank Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” in the background while you watch.

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