8 Beautiful Crostatas for When You Don’t Feel Like Making Pie

8 Beautiful Crostatas for When You Don’t Feel Like Making PieCapture 

Rhubarb and Candied Ginger Crostata

Sarah Grueneberg knows Italian desserts. She likes to make this one for Easter, but it’s also great throughout rhubarb season.

Peach Crostata

The combination here of the crunchy turbinado sugar and the soft, sweet peaches is dessert gold. Dollop with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and dinner party guests will be in heaven.

Jam Crostata

This crostata requires more attention to detail than merely rolling up a pile of fruit in some dough. To take this recipe up another notch, try making your own homemade jam.

Apple-Ginger Crostata

Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple makes an apple crostata quick and easy by using a sheet of store-bought puff pastry as the base. To give the apples a little boost of flavor, he tosses them with lemon juice and fresh ginger and then brushes the finished tart with apricot preserves.

Summer Plum Crostata

Ideal for that peak summer fruit wave, this crostata calls for cinnamon and orange zest, which complements the plums to make a dessert that’s both sweet and tart.

Honeyed Fig Crostatas

These cute crostatas combine figs, honey, lemon, and thyme. While better suited for fall, the recipe is a reminder that any of these rustic tarts can be made into minis.

Plum-Cherry Crostata

Chef Tiffany MacIsaac’s double fruit crostata includes cherry jam, chopped Luxardo cherries, and fresh plums.

Apple Crostatas

Make this when the weather gets cooler but you don’t feel like going all out with an apple pie. The cheddar in the crust perfectly complements the cinnamon in the apple filling.

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