25-Cent Boneless Wings Are Back at Applebee’s


If you had to picture what eating good in or around your neighborhood looks like, there’s a decent chance that buffalo wings would be involved. Let’s pretend for now that you’re picturing boneless wings, and not wasting your time getting into a debate with a bone-in stan. Life’s too short for that. 

 If you share in this vision of quality eating in your community, you should know that Applebee’s, America’s favorite strip mall dining chain, is serving up a whole heap of boneless wings for just $0.25 each. And we’re not talking about like 10 for $2.50. You’re completely in charge of the number of 25-cent wings you want to order and eat. The only limitation on this offer is the amount of space that exists in your stomach. And if you’re really committed, you can probably find some extra room in there for the sake of a good deal. 

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There is one catch, however. Though you can order *all* the wings, you need to physically dine in and eat them at Applebee’s in order to take advantage of the deal. My suggestion would be to feign sudden fullness after you order some more so you can carry them out for later. Just hope your server doesn’t stand over you until you polish off every last wing in an effort to teach you some kind of lesson. 

The good news is that you can wash that down with the newest monthly installment of Applebee’s crazy cheap $2 cocktails. For March, you can sip on an Absolut Rainbow Punch that has a candy rainbow floating above the appropriately green beverage. It’s not the craziest thing they’ve ever done, but it should probably get the job done. 

So run—don’t walk— down to your local Applebee’s because that’ll probably help you work up the appetite necessary to take full advantage of this 25-cent wing deal that’s arrived just in time for the start of March Madness. In poetic imitation of life itself, the gift of cheap wings will only be here on this earth for a short while, so enjoy it to the fullest while you can. 


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