5 tips for ‘perfect roast potatoes’ and Marmite reicpe

TikTok chef shares delicious recipe for roast potatoes

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Poppy O’Toole is a Michelin-trained chef with 2.7M followers on her TikTok account @poppycooks where she shares her cooking tips and tricks. She recently discussed her five most-dos for super crispy roast potatoes and detailed a recipe for Marmite fans.

All these easy tips can be done at home to maximise the tastiness of your roast.

Five ways to get the perfect roast potatoes

Cut large potatoes

Poppy told her followers: “Number one, you want to cut your potato into large chunks so that you have a larger area to get that crispy, crispy potato.”

Heavily season your cooking water

Poppy went on: “Step two, heavily season the water you’re going to cook them in. That’s going to keep all the nutrients in and give a bit of flavour throughout the potato.”

Steam dry your potatoes

“Tip number three,” Poppy went on, “when to potatoes are cooked you want to put them into the colander? Let them steam dry.

Poppy puts her potatoes in a colander with a tea towel over them. She added: “Leave them for about another 10 to 15 minutes to get extra fluffy on the outside.”

Heat up your cooking oil

“Tip number four, heat up the fat that you’re going to cook your potatoes in,” Poppy said. Do this by putting your oil in the cooking dish and put it in the oven on a heat for 10 minutes before you put the spuds in.

Turn your potatoes once

The chef suggests only turning your potatoes during cooking once. She said: “Tip number five, turn them once and then put them back into the oven.”

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Poppy also detailed a Marmite roast potatoes recipe that sounds like heaven for any fan of the savoury spread.

This involves adding the tasty, salty spread into the potaotes after steaming then.

At this stage Poppy mixed in a big spoonful of Marmite to the roast poatoes before tipping them into the pan and cooking as usual.

Poppy said: “They have this lovely, salty, savoury flavour to them and they’re beautifully fluffy on the inside. They are just absolutely delicious.”

Another content creator has detailed “how to make the best roast potatoes you’ll ever eat.” 

Sam Stern, a chef, and author based in London, posts his recipes and tips on his TikTok account @samsterncooks.

He suggests cooking the potatoes with clarified butter and chicken stock.

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