5 Tips for Stocking Your Pantry at the Dollar Tree


Whether you’re a seasoned pro at balling on a budget or pinching pennies due to an unplanned expense, shopping on a budget requires a mix of math and intuition. The options for grocery shopping are endless: from the mega-sized grocery stores to the corner bodega. Striking the balance between time and money—and saving on both—can be a challenge. 

One shopping option not to ignore is The Dollar Tree. These stores are strategically placed all over the US and Canada, with over 14,000 locations. Stocked with name brand items and with all items at one (very low) price, the store is a welcome convenience for cost conscious shoppers. While The Dollar Tree is not a place to source all of your groceries, there are savvy ways to leverage The Tree in order to stock your kitchen with budget-friendly finds. Here are five tips for shopping smartly to stock your pantry via The Dollar Tree. 

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Keep an eye on size

The Dollar Tree has seriously stepped up their snack selection in recent years. In many locations, you will find an entire aisle dedicated to candy and snacks for both sweet and savory palates. When choosing your treats, keep an eye on the size of the product. In some cases, these snacks are in a smaller sized package or contain fewer servings than what you might find in a conventional grocery store. When in doubt, do a quick internet search on your phone to see if you’re getting the best price for the item. 

Don’t fear the freezer (section)

Some locations of The Dollar Tree have sizable frozen food sections containing budget-friendly items. One standout is their frozen fruit selection, which includes great, inexpensive options perfect for a smoothie or smoothie bowl, adding into oatmeal, and enjoying as midday snacks. The frozen veggie and frozen seafood options are also worth noting.  

Go for the basics

Now it’s time to stock some shelves! Dry pantry staples such as pasta, grains, dry and canned beans are all available at The Dollar Tree. Many of these basic ingredients are brand-name items, offered at the same or, oftentimes, a better price than conventional supermarkets. 

Bring on the flavor

Looking to sample something new, but not sure you want to commit to a large quantity? The Dollar Tree is the perfect stop. From spices and sun-dried tomatoes to masa flour for homemade tortillas, there are lots of specialty ingredients worth experimenting with to be found at The Dollar Tree. If you don’t have an international food market in your area, The Dollar Tree can sometimes be a good option to source select international foods. 

Balling in bulk

Stocking up on only a few key items? If you’re looking to purchase a pantry staples in bulk, The Dollar Tree offers the option of purchasing some of these ingredients online. The best part is that your order is shipped to your closest store free of charge, regardless of size. 

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