6 of the Best Store-Brand Snacks At Your Favorite Groceries

best store-brand snacks

No food shopping run is complete without stocking up on snacks (especially during back-to-school season), and while we love a brand-name bite or two, a lot of major grocers offer some of their best buys under their own house label. Here are our favorite store-brand munchies that steal the show next to their name-brand neighbors on the shelf.


Kirkland Signature Cashew Clusters ($13.29)

kirkland cashew

Trail-mix fiends, this one’s for you: A few handfuls of these crisp clusters satisfy that elusive sweet-salty-crunchy craving. (Bonus: They boast just seven ingredients.)


Archer Farms On-the-Go Genoa Salami, Provolone, and Breadsticks ($2.89)

archer farms on the go

Perfect for those days you want more than a snack but less than a meal, these grown-up Lunchables pack a decent hit of protein and better-quality salami than you’d expect to find in a store that also sells diapers and iPads.


Get Dippin’ Blue Corn Tortilla Chips ($2.99)

wegmans blue corn

Devotees praise this chip’s delicate texture and just-salty-enough flavor, which doesn’t overpower any dips it might get served alongside.


Private Selection Smoky Fresno Pepper and Manchego Kettle Chips ($2.99)

private selection chips

At Kroger (and Kroger-owned stores like Mariano’s and Harris Teeter), make a beeline for the Private Selection-brand kettle chips, which come in flavors that give their artisanal competitors a run for their money. This one, with the funk of aged cheese and a seriously smoky undertow, is ideal for those ready to branch out from BBQ varieties.

Whole Foods

365 Organic Mango Slices ($7.99)

365 mango

Yes, Whole Foods is hardly the only store to stock unsweetened dried mango slices, but the house 365 brand’s bags offer the unquestionably best texture—a chewy snap and succulent sweetness that scratches almost any sugar-craving itch.

Trader Joe’s

100-Calorie Mini Dark Chocolate Bars ($2.99)

Pre-packaged chocolate bars that feel like a substantial snack, but are slim enough to fit in a purse pocket? We’ll take several.

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