7-Eleven Is Launching $2 Breakfast Pizzas to Fuel Your Morning


Every now and then, a story pops up about how having pizza for breakfast is a surprisingly healthy and wise idea, especially when compared to cereal. If you’re the kind of person who both buys into that and enjoys a solitary convenience store breakfast from time to time, then oh boy do I have some news for you.

That’s because 7-Eleven just announced that they’re releasing a personal breakfast pizza. That means you can start your day with a 5-inch (diameter, I assume) pie loaded with everything you’d be looking for in a grab and go breakfast sandwich, except presented in a familiar format that pretty much anyone on the planet loves.

According to a press release, this thing is made from a flaky biscuit crust, adorned with “creamy white gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage crumbles, bacon, ham, and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese.” Other than a distinct lack of vegetables, those ingredients would make for a pretty solid omelette without any of the fuss.

WATCH: How to Make Breakfast Pizza

While the mere sight of a breakfast pizza would probably scare pizza purists back in Italy, they are, in fact, A Thing. 7-Eleven’s press release says that “breakfast versions of pizza are one of the fastest-growing [pizza categories], up 54 percent in the past four years” (according to whom is unclear, however). Breakfast Pizza is specifically notable in Iowa, with convenience store chain Casey’s fittingly leading the charge. It’s so popular among locals that Beto O’Rourke drew the ire of Iowans when he falsely claimed to be eating a breakfast pizza when he really wasn’t.

So if you have $2 to spare and don’t want to eat one of those roller hot dogs for breakfast, head on down to your local 7-Eleven for a rounder take on your typical morning meal. 7-Eleven also says this new item will be available all day, but you’ll have to ask for it once morning hours are over. No matter the time of day, nothing beats the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes from starting and finishing a pizza all by yourself.




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