Absolut Just Released Canned Cocktails and Vodka Soda in Summery Flavors


Right about now, pretty much everyone could use a stiff drink. The problem is that sometimes making a proper cocktail requires too much effort and too many ingredients when all you really want to do is put tasty alcohol in your mouth.

If that’s an accurate description of how you feel, you might want to know about Absolut’s recently released line of canned cocktails and vodka sodas that should give the spiked seltzers of the world a run for their money.

Served in cans with pale shades of floral pastels, the Absolut cocktails combine “Absolut Vodka, all natural flavors, real fruit juice and second to none mixology expertise,” according to the brand. The lineup of three decidedly fruity flavors puts a summery, vodka-soaked spin on classic cocktails: the Grapefruit Paloma (7% ABV), the Mango Mule (7% ABV), and the Berry Vodkarita (an impressive 10% ABV). Only one of the standard versions of these cocktails features vodka, so the Paloma and the Vodkarita would certainly seem to offer something new in that regard.

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If even a canned cocktail is too fancy for you and you just want to crush a vodka soda that’s not quite as heavy on the booze (weighing in at a standard-issue 5% ABV), that’s totally an option here. Imbued with fruity, herbaceous, and effervescent flavor combos like Lime & Cucumber, Grapefruit & Rosemary, and Raspberry & Lemongrass. Between those classy-sounding flavors and the presence of real vodka in the can, it seems like these sodas aim for a slightly more elevated drinking experience than what you’d find from the White Claws of the world.

As the weather heats up and we march towards brutal summer temps, having something boozy and refreshing to sip on is going to be crucial. That’s true even under normal circumstances, but especially the case for the stir-crazy and socially distant. So if you can grab a hold of these vodka sodas or cocktails, go for it. That might just salvage your summer after all.


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