Aldi fans thrilled as supermarket brings back £2.29 product

Aldi fans are huge fans of the supermarkets special selections. And now it has a new treat for fans – a favourite is back in stock.


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Aldi has brought back the halloumi fries, no doubt delighting fans with the cheesy treat.

The supermarket announced: “Aldi has brought back its legendary Halloumi Burgers and Halloumi Fries, available in stores now at everyday amazing prices.”

It said of the product: “Aldi’s Specially Selected Halloumi Fries (£2.29, 190g) are the summer food must-have.

“Covered in a golden and crispy seasoned coating make them perfect for dunking and dipping.

“Enjoy with mayo, ketchup, or sweet chilli. Or, layer with pomegranate and yogurt for a Middle Eastern flavour sensation.”

The products can be found in the frozen food aisle.

One fans said: “Aldi halloumi fries where are you? Get in me belly!! I can’t find you anywhere.”

Another said their favourite supermarket was “Aldi…Only because they do halloumi fries lol.”

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Last year one Twitter user was pining for the food.

They said: “I know that it is special item/seasonal item but when will Aldi restock halloumi fries? That is amazing food!

“Pretty please with sugar on it that aldi makes that as regular food item instead of special item? :)”

The Aldi halloumi burger is also back in stores. 


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The budget supermarket shared the update on its Facebook page with a cheesy joke that soon got its followers talking.

Aldi wrote: “No one:

“Absolutely no one:

“Aldi’s marketing department: ‘Hallou’ is it ‘mi’ you’re looking for.”

One commented: “They’re fab. Aldi have the best range of Veggie/ Vegan options.”

Even non-vegetarians were excited to see that they were back.

Another commented: “Great veggie and vegan options (and no we aren’t either). Really tasty… The no beef burgers are fabulous and these…. Some of the best out there.”

“Ohhh they would go lovely as the cheese bit on an actual burger,” commented one fan.

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