Aldi’s New Coconut Wine Blend Is the Perfect Summery Mixer


I would hazard a guess that there are a lot of people who made grand plans to drink coconut beverages (or beverages out of coconuts) on or near a tropical beach in 2020. Those plans have mostly gone to pot at this point for reasons that don’t need much explanation.

But as summer heats up, there are plenty of ways to take a warm weather vacation of sorts without having to feel uncomfortable at an airport. One of them, it would seem, is this Petit Coconut white wine blend from Aldi, shared by dedicated Instagrammer @Aldi.MadeMeDoIt.

This guy looks so creamy and delicious. Imagine adding it to a shake 🤤 What would you use the coconut petit in?! . . . . #aldi #aldifinds #aldilife #aldilove #shopdifferentli #aldihaul #ilovealdi #aldiusa #aldius #mamaswhoshop #aldimademedoit #gimmeallthefood #groceryhaul#snacktime #drinks🍹 #tropicaldrinks #coconutcream #winelover#aldialcohol #aldiwine #winegeek #mamaneedsadrink #winenot #winebased #winespecialty #creamy #coconutandcream #whitewine #petitcoconut #petit

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The bottle describes itself as “a blend of white wine with rich coconut flavor and finest cream.” That’s the sort of thing that might make a wine snob turn up their nose, but hear me out: it sounds like this stuff is probably at its best when it’s mixed with something else. For example, you can put it together with a bit of pineapple juice to end up with a pretty good piña colada wine punch. Heck, toss in some more fruit on top of that and you’re pretty close to your very own tropical sangria.

If you need further suggestions about what to do with this, the comments on @Aldi.MademeDoIt’s post actually feature some pretty decent ideas. One Aldi superfan said that adding a frozen banana with some ice is a pretty good move. I’m a little less sure about mixing it with a Yoohoo as someone else said they did, but if it works, it works.

The petit coconut is listed on Aldi’s US website, so it’s definitely not a mirage. However, details about what it is (beyond what can be gleaned from the bottle) or where exactly it can be found are scant. Still, it’s worth seeking out if you’re desperate for drinks that can help you salvage your summer plans. Happy hunting.


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