All I Want for Christmas Is A Mariah Carey Cookbook

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I don’t want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need: a Mariah Carey holiday cookbook.


During a recent video interview with GQ, the pop star, actress and apparent chef revealed that cooking is such a central part of her holiday plans that she just might have to start sharing her recipes with the world. Not only does the reigning queen of Christmas music (sorry, Bublé) prepare the traditional Christmas dinner, she turns the holiday into a multi-day feast.


“I like to cook every year,” Mariah says. “I cook on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th, all different menus,” adding that one of the stars of the multi-day binge is a recipe her father handed down to her before he passed away.

The fact that the legendary singer behind “All I Want for Christmas Is You” (a song that’s as synonymous with December as Christmas trees and candy canes) even cooks at all sometimes shocks her fans and friends: “People don’t believe that I cook, by the way, they think I’m lying… but the truth is that I do, and I actually love cooking,” she told GQ.

While Mariah is as secretive about her holiday recipes as she is about whatever she does to stay looking so young this close to her (alleged) 50th birthday, it does sound like she’s intent on passing them on via Christmas cookbook “one day”. There are no official plans yet, but hopefully that day is, like, tomorrow.


Seriously, think about it: Mariah Carey is such a modern authority on Christmas that you almost have to try and cook the way she does to get in the proper spirit. At the very least, a Carey Christmas cookbook would be a no-brainer gift for at least one person on your list.


Even if you wouldn’t want to buy the book, Mariah has one solid piece of advice when it comes to feeding friends and family around the holidays: “If you don’t cook with love, it’s not going to taste good.” Follow that and everyone’s heart and waistline will surely grow three sizes on Christmas day.  

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