Amazon Shoppers Call This Mini Portable Food Heater the 'Best Thing' They’ve Ever Bought

With winter fast approaching, many of us are now searching for anything to keep ourselves—and our meals—warm and toasty. The good news is that there are many great options for that on the market right now, such as Thermos food jars, Stanley bottles, and Contigo's travel coffee mugs. But as great as these might be, they can only keep warm meals warm and hot drinks hot for so long, and they can’t heat meals back up once they’ve gone cold.

Luckily for those looking to combat frigid-food syndrome this season, HotLogic’s Mini Portable Food Oven is available on Amazon now for just $39.95. Unlike other insulated totes that only keeps food warm for a finite period, HotLogic’s rectangular food warmer has a heating platform at the bottom that can stay on for as long as you need.

HotLogic Mini

And that’s not all that this raved-about food warmer can do. Since the product operates like a slow-cooking oven but also behaves a bit like a microwave, it can also reheat or cook meals—but it knows not to overcook them. It’ll hold your food at the perfect temperature for as long as it’s plugged in, making it perfect for those who work in offices, on outdoor job sites, or on the road.

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For all those reasons and more, this little device is beloved by Amazon shoppers. With over 3,200 5-star reviews, it’s one of the best-selling items in Amazon’s small kitchen appliances category. Many reviewers praise how convenient it is for meal prepping and keeping food warm for long periods of time.

“I meal prep on the weekend then freeze my meals. When I get to work, I plug it in and by the time I'm ready to eat, my food is perfectly heated,” writes one reviewer. Another says, “I've been using this for several months now and continue to love it! I use it at work for lunches. I have heated food in plastic, glass, and metal containers and find this unit great for all.”

Shoppers take this small heater everywhere—even on airplanes. “As a pilot for a major airline, I spend my share of days on the road,” a customer shared. “I grew tired of fast food years ago and at hotel restaurants, you rarely get what you pay for. This little oven allows you to prepare nearly anything at home and enjoy it in your travels.”

With so many gushing reviews, HotLogic’s mini food oven appears to be one of the best options for heating food and keeping it warm this winter. What’s even better is that it’s currently on sale for 20 percent off, so head over to Amazon to grab one for yourself.

HotLogic Mini

To buy: $39.95 (originally $49.99);

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