Amazon Shoppers Swear This $15 Tool Is the Secret to Perfect Bacon

Bellemain Cast Iron Heavy-Duty Bacon Press With Wood Handle

Frankly, it’s a challenge to think of dishes bacon can’t improve. It’s the perfect way to round out a breakfast sandwich, add an extra surprise crunch to leafy greens, or even infuse smoky goodness into cocktails. And we all know that the best bacon is crispy, flat, and evenly cooked (the strips you can’t help but turn into a BLT). 

Baking your bacon is one way to get that ideal texture, but for an easier, speedier way, over a thousand Amazon shoppers swear by the Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press. 

Cooking dinner shouldn't be complicated

Bellemain Cast Iron Heavy-Duty Bacon Press With Wood Handle

To buy: $15;

Made of durable cast iron, the three-pound press is not only heavy enough to keep your bacon flat, it is evenly weighted so your meat cooks faster and won’t burn. It also features a clever wooden handle that keeps cool as you cook, while the tool’s body protects from grease splatter. Just like cast iron skillets, the press can be seasoned to create a nonstick surface, and in addition to bacon, you can use the press to quickly sear steaks or hamburgers, or flatten sandwiches or quesadillas. 

The Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press is one of Amazon’s best-selling bacon presses (yes, it’s a category), with more than 900 five-star reviews. Users rave about how sturdy and durable the press is, as well as how quickly it cooks bacon without a mess.

“I thought it would be hard to get excited over a bacon press, but WOW, I love it,” wrote a user. “Very well made, just the right size, and all for a great price. Not only does the bacon cook faster and evenly but the press keeps the splatter down to a minimum. Strongly recommend!”

Another added, “I wanted a shorter cooking time than the 15 minutes it takes to cook bacon in the oven. Frying bacon created cooked and uncooked hills and valleys and curled up ends. The Bellemain press eliminates these problems. The press is solidly built and fits perfectly in my 10 inch cast iron fry pan. Fried bacon now takes about as long as frying an egg and making toast…5 minutes. I wipe the press with a paper towel or cloth, keep it seasoned and store it right in the iron pan. I will use it for burgers and cutlets later on, but it's performance with bacon is worth it for me.”

Other reviewers praised the round shape of the press, since many other grill presses are rectangular.

“I love this press for cooking bacon,” a shopper said. “First, the obvious, it's round. I've always wanted to buy a bacon press, but why rectangle in a round skillet? I've used this awesome round one several times in my 12-inch cast iron skillet and it works perfectly. It only takes about 6 minutes to cook thick slice bacon and if you like your bacon crispy, using this press will make very crispy bacon.”

So, what are you waiting for? Priced just under $15, you’d be hard pressed to find a better (or more affordable) way to cook up your bacon than the Bellemain Cast Iron Press.

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