Andi Oliver: TV chef’s delicious dessert recipe straight from your cupboard revealed

The 56-year-old has become a household name after rising to prominence on BBC Two’s ‘Great British Menu’ and is adored by the public for her laidback cooking approach. And as lockdown continues to grip the nation, with foodies everywhere trying to use everything in their cupboards to create a hearty meal, Andi exposed her favourite recipe using ingredients from her home. Writing in the Guardian last year, Andi explained how using cornmeal could create the most scrumptious Caribbean pudding – which can be eaten as a sweet or a savoury meal.

She wrote: “What Italians call polenta, we call cornmeal, and you can get it in any supermarket.

“Maybe once you decided to make polenta and bought a bag that was too big, and now it’s sitting in the back of your cupboard and you don’t really know what you’re going to do with it.

“Well, this is a great thing to do with it.”

Andi’s cornmeal pudding serves four people and with the addition of cream can be enjoyed as a dessert, or with bacon, sausages or eggs, can be a gorgeous brunch.

She explained that to create the dish, aspiring cooks would need 750ml of either tinned or fresh coconut milk, unsalted butter 30g, brown sugar 175g, vanilla extract 3ml, golden rum 1 level tsp, fine cornmeal 225g, self-raising flour 40g, ground nutmeg 1 level tsp, ground cinnamon 1 level tsp and salt 1 level tsp.

The TV star said to start you must preheat an oven at 180C fan/gas mark four before buttering a tart tin, which is then set to one side.

Next up, cooks should place the coconut milk, butter, brown sugar and vanilla extract, into a saucepan to gently warm, ensuring the mix does not boil.

This should be heated up until the sugar has mixed in, before the rum is added and again taken off the hob and placed to one side.

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She continued: “Thoroughly combine all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

“Gradually add the warm liquid to the dry ingredients, stirring well all the time. Ensure that once all the liquid has been added there are no lumps.

“Pour the mixture into the buttered tin. If you are adding raisins, now is the time to throw them in.

“Slip into the oven and bake for 25 minutes. While it’s baking, mix together all the ingredients for the ‘soft top’.”

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To finish the treat up, the pudding is taken out of the oven when it has been around three-quarters cooked.

The last of the soft top mixture is then poured over the top before it is baked for a further 15 minutes.

Andi first made a name herself as a member of the group Rip Rig + Panic, in which the band made an infamous performance in an episode of the comedy ‘The Young Ones’.

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