Arby’s Declassifies ‘Storm Area 51’ Special Menu Items

Arby's Area 51 Basecamp Experience Menu

Remember that whole “Storm Area 51” thing? Three months is a lifetime in internet years, but as you may recall, back in June, some prankster jumped on the funny Facebook events trend by posting “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” Literally millions of people were in on the joke, saying they were going to the September 20 event. But now that September 20 is almost upon us, many people are wondering, Is anyone actually still doing that?

Arby’s, for one, has not given up on the dream. In July, the chain showed its support for the viral cause by announcing that it would bring a special menu of Arby’s items to feed whoever was in attendance at Area 51’s storming. And today, not only did Arby’s confirm that it’ll still be there, but also announced what those otherworldly new items would be.

The Arby’s “Roadside Meathouse” food truck will be attending the Storm Area 51 Basecamp event taking place at the Alien Research Center in Hiko, Nevada, on Saturday, September 21. There, the “We Have the Meats” chain will serve up four items from its new “declassified menu.”

Arby's Area 51 Basecamp Experience Menu

The “Redacted on Rye Sandwich” is billed as “roasted turkey on a toasted marble rye bread with Swiss cheese, tangy slaw and thousand island dressing,” a further spin on the classic Reuben. The “E.T. Slider” will feature “a crispy chicken tender dipped in Bronco Berry Sauce.” “Arby’s Frying Objects” will be “Arby’s loaded curly fries topped with savory moon rocks.” And finally, the “Galaxy Shake” is described as a “purple cow meets a Sour Patch Kid—a blue sweet milkshake base that turns pink and tarter as you drink or stir it, topped with a fruit crunch.”

Arby's Area 51 Basecamp Experience Menu

Arby’s isn’t the only brand to stick to their Area 51 commitments. Bud Light also followed through on releasing a special line of green Area 51 cans and even left a fridge stocked with beer for any freed aliens to raid. One major difference, however: Bud Light has aligned itself with the official Facebook event’s Area 51 Celebration Party—which isn’t at Area 51 at all; it’s in Las Vegas instead. So yes, if Area 51 really is stormed, and aliens are able to escape, they’re going to have to find their way to the Luxor Hotel and Casino Booi to get their free beer!

Man, who knew an event spawned by a joke Facebook post that went viral due to its stupidity could be so disorganized?! In the end, unless you really have a craving for some limited-edition Arby’s menu items, the best place to celebrate the non-storming of Area 51 might be your couch.

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