Arby's New Sweet Potato Waffle Fries Are the Perfect Balance of Salty and Sweet


As they like to remind people on a pretty constant basis, Arby’s is a place where they “have the meats.” Given that they went so far as to test out a “meat-based plant” called the “Marrot” last year, I don’t think there’s much of a point in disputing their carnivorous claim.

But just because they HAVE the meats doesn’t mean they skimp on the starchy sides. In fact, Arby’s just launched a new offering of sweet potato waffle fries which look like they have the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Initially given a trial run back in May of 2019, this trendy and more indulgent take on the traditional French fry (in a fun shape, no less) will be available on Arby’s menus nationwide.

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Whereas most fast food joints pretty much limit you to one sort of fry, Arby’s has decided to buck that trend. These sweet potato fries will peacefully coexist on the menu alongside Arby’s curly fries, which might be the one thing to get me someday set foot in an Arby’s. If you for some reason don’t feel like eating a pile of roast beef with curly fries, alternatives include potato cakes, jalapeño bites, mozzarella sticks, loaded curly fries, and a side salad (for cowards).

The unfortunate news about the delicious pile of carbs that is these sweet potato fries is that they won’t be around forever, as they’re a limited-time menu item. So get down to your local Arby’s drive through to find out whether it’s worth lobbying to make them a more permanent menu fixture.


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