Barefoot Rolls out $7 Bottles of Fruit Moscato

National Wine Day

In just a few short days, summer will officially give way to autumn, and with it, the summer of spiked seltzer will draw to a close. But if you want to hold onto that summertime feeling, can’t handle carbonation, and want to find a fruity way to get buzzed on a budget, then Barefoot sure has some good news for you.

That’s right, the popular, affordable wine brand for adults who are cheap but want to distinguish themselves from college students is releasing a new line of Fruit Moscato offerings. Specifically, they’ll be launching Apple Moscato, Peach Moscato, and Strawberry Moscato varieties, adding what VP of Marketing Anna Bell calls “a fun, fruity twist on the Moscato that our fans already know and love,” according to a press release.

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If you’re anything like me, you’re probably currently wondering just what the heck is moscato in the first place. As it turns out, Moscato is a “sweet, medium to low-acidity wine produced in Italy from Muscat grapes,” which are alleged to be one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. It can exist in still, sparkling, or fortified form. Moscatos are often marked by their inherent fruitiness compared to other types of wine, so you can bet that explicitly adding more fruit to the moscato will make this into something sweet. ​​​​​​​

Perhaps just as if not more important than the wine here is its price point: you can get your hands on a 750ml bottle of Barefoot Fruit Moscato for the obscenely low msrp of $6.99. Given that Barefoot also finally got on board the boxed wine train recently, it’s been a banner year for drinking their wine on the cheap. Hopefully “boxscato” isn’t too far behind.

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