Berries last ‘twice as long’ with two-step method that prolongs freshness

Berries are among the fruits most susceptible to the development of mould because of the numerous spores they carry on their surface.

A surprising number of discoveries have been uncovered to help elongate the shelf span of berries once they are stored in the fridge, but research points out that how they are cleaned may be of equal importance.

Fortunately, washing the delicate fruit in a diluted vinegar solution straight after purchase is highly recommended.

The moisture content of berries makes them highly susceptible to the development of mould, but vinegar counters this spoilage by eradicating the spores and other bacteria that contribute to fruit decay.

Not only will this slow the development of mould, but it will also encourage the fruit to retain its texture for longer.

Once the fruit has been thoroughly cleaned and left to dry, experts advise adding a sheet of paper towel to the fruit’s container before sealing it shut.

The paper towel will absorb any moisture that the fruit expels once stored, including ethylene gas, which is the primary cause of spoiling in fruit.

The website Stop Food Waste endorses this method. It explains: “Start by removing any mouldy crushed or spoiled berries from the bunch as these will quickly cause the others to decay.”

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In essence, paper two will act as an absorbent pad and keep the moisture of the fruit, according to DYI hack guru Carole Jones, known as @thecarolejones on TikTok 

According to the content creator, the addition of a paper towel alone can prolong the shelf life of berries twofold.

To further the benefits of the paper towel in the fruit container, tipping the container upside down in the fridge is recommended, according to a clip posted by Carole. 

Writing in the comment section of the clip, one viewer suggested using unbleached parchment paper instead of paper towels, which can be packed with chemicals.

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