Cadbury angers chocolate lovers as ‘bigger’ Dairy Milk looks the same size ‘The lies!’

TikTok user shares hack for Cadbury World hot chocolate

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A Reddit user posted a picture comparing Cadbury’s ‘Now Bigger’ range of Dairy Milk with a normal sized bar. The picture shows absolutely no difference in size and the unimpressed user captioned it: “Bro, what do you meannn??”

One furious chocolate-lover replied: “The lies sure have!” Another said: “They are telling you that YOU are now bigger.”

A third joked: “You guys don’t get it. It is now bigger than it will ever be later. It is not a promotion, it is information.”

Another pointed out: “If you flip it over and read the fine print, it is 6.6g compared to the normal 6.3g. A whole 0.3g more!”

A fifth said: “That means the ‘normal’ size is about to be shrunk, even if ever so slightly. This is how food producers hide shrinkflation.

“They release a new ‘bigger’ version at the same cost and simultaneously shrink the standard size while customers move to the bigger size, raise the price on the bigger so customers move back to the now smaller standard, then remove the bigger. Done all the time for breakfast cereals, only they call their biggers family size.”

Another user replied: “I am still salty that the crème eggs have gotten smaller.”

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It is not clear which country the Cadbury’s chocolate bar had been found.

It comes as Cadbury has sparked debate over new Twirl Breakaway bars which are basically two bars of swirls and curls inside layers of crispy wafer and coated in Dairy Milk chocolate.

On Instagram, newfoodsuk shared a picture of the new bar and many shoppers had the same thought. One asked: “Isn’t this just a Timeout??” Another echoed: “Sooo it’s a Timeout?”

Despite the similarity, shoppers were still keen to get their hands on the new chocolate. One said: “OMG NEEEEEEEEEEDD.” Another added: “I can’t actually tell you how much I need these.”

A third said: “It’s a timeout pretending to be something else! We need to buy some!!” has gone to Cadbury for comment.

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