Can you eat banana skin or peel?

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In the UK we eat more than five billion bananas a year and waste about 1.4 million bananas, fruit and all. How many people have you ever seen eat a banana skin? Probably none, and that’s why so many are wasted. So can you eat banana skin? chatted to the experts at ODDBOX to find out.

Can you eat banana skin or peel?

Yes, although it isn’t typically done in the UK, you can eat banana skin.

A peel of a banana makes up about 35 percent of the entire fruit, so it’s a waste not to use it up.

The experts at ODDBOX said: “It turns out you can eat the entire banana, skin and all.

“It might not sound the most a-peel-ing but if you wait for your bananas to ripen well the skin will be thin and sweet.”

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Banana peels are full of potassium, fibre, polyunsaturated fats, essential amino acids, and antioxidants.

You might not want to take a bite out of a banana skin, but you can use them in your cooking.

ODDBOX’s experts said: “Simply give them a good wash and you’ll find there are multiple ways to use them.”

Make sure you remove the stem and wash the peel thoroughly with water, don’t use soap.

Some easy recipes that could involve using banana peel are banana cakes or loafs.

Vegetarians and vegans might like to try frying the peels to soften the texture as a substitute for bacon or pulled pork.

You can even add them into stir-fries, curries, chutneys, and even sandwiches to get extra nutrients.

ODDBOX’s team said: “Otherwise, just save the peels by themselves and add them to your morning smoothie for some extra fibre.”

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If you don’t fancy eating your banana peels, why not use them as a liquid fertiliser?

Save up a few banana peels during lockdown if you can’t make it to the garden centre.

According to ODDBOX, as long as you have a few banana peels to hand you can concoct your very own liquid fertiliser.

They said: “All you need is to steep a couple of banana peels in a bucket of water for a few days to create your fertiliser liquid.

“Use a ratio of one part of the liquid to four parts of water, pop it into a bottle and you have a nutrient-filled solution that your indoor plants and herbs will thrive on!

“Not only that, but by rubbing any extra peels on the leaves of your green houseplants, you can give them that extra clean shine.”

Banana peels can also be added into your skincare routine to get rid of blemishes on the skin and moisturise the hair.

Rub the peel on a clean face to help acne scars fade, brighten the skin, and reduce wrinkles.

You can even use them as make-shift eye masks to get rid of dark under eyes and puffiness.

Blitz up the banana peel with an egg to make a hair mask that will banish frizz and encourage hair growth.

Just leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it out with cool water.

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