Can you freeze lettuce?

Fresh lettuce is available all year round, however, the leafy lettuces reach their peak season in spring and autumn. explores how you can keep lettuce fresh for longer.

How to store lettuce

To make a good salad you want your lettuce to be fresh and crisp.

To keep lettuce leaves crisp you need moisture and air.

Many people believe sealing the bag and removing all air is best for lettuce.

But removing the air is exactly the opposite of what lettuce needs.


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The best way to keep your lettuce crisp

To keep lettuce leaves crisp you should trim the end of the stem and separate the leaves.

Next fill up the sink or a very large bowl with cold water and submerge the leaves and then gently swish the leaves around in the water.

Remove the clean lettuce, or empty the bowl and repeat this step for especially dirty lettuce.

Next you need to dry the lettuce which is best done in a salad spinner.

The leaves will still be left slightly damp and next you want to and cover the leaves with damp paper towels.

Then you should transfer the basket to the fridge and chill them for about 30 minutes.

Then they will be crisp and ready to use.

You can store your lettuce in the fridge this way for up to five days days.

Rewet the paper towels if they dry out, making sure to squeeze out excess water, they only need to be damp, not soaking.

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What are the benefits of lettuce?

Lettuce is very rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin K and potassium.

The proteins in lettuce help to control inflammation and pains in the legs, such as arthritis.

The darker the lettuce leaves, the more rich in antioxidants it is.

Lettuce also assists in losing weight as it contains 95 percent water which keeps your stomach full and stops you overeating.

The green vegetable is also beneficial for your brain as it contains nutrients which help to stop the death of neuronal cells.

Lettuce also prevents heart attacks and high blood pressure and assists in fighting cancer.

Additionally, it helps you to maintain a health immune system.

Can you freeze lettuce?

Lettuce is one vegetable which is believed to be immune to any kind of preservation.

If you wish to make a salad with this lettuce, then it cannot be frozen.

But if you wish to freeze lettuce to cook later, it can be frozen.

First you should cut off the stalk and use your hands to separate the leaves.

Then you should separate the damaged and brown leaves from the good ones before you wash the leaves thoroughly with cool, clean water.

You should use a soft cloth or paper towel to dry the leaves and leave them out for a few minutes.

Once the leaves are completely dry, you should place them in waterproof bags, squeeze out any excess air and seal before placing them in the freezer to store.

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