Chef demonstrates ‘unreal’ garlic chopping hack

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A hack to chop garlic has been dubbed “unreal” by a chef, who tried it out in a TikTok video. It wowed the cook but has been debated by home chefs.

The hack has millions of views on the app. It was originally posted by French YouTuber, Carl, who posts on

He demonstrated how to cut “perfect” garlic using the back side of the knife. His video has amassed 4.2 million views on the social media platform, with fans going wild for it.

One even said: “I’m so serious I think I might write a thesis on how useful TikTok has been to me since downloading.”

The hack was then put to the test by meal delivery company Meels, in a video that has over 300.8k views on the app. 

Meel’s chef initially refused to believe the trick would work and said: “There’s no way.”

They went on: “Okay, so instead of using the blade we’re going to use the back of the knife. Here we go.”

The chef ruled the hack a success and said: “No way, that is actually pretty unreal. Why did I not know about this earlier? I’m never chopping garlic the same way ever again.”

However, some TikTok users were dubious about the so-called hack. “That’s not chopping, that’s crushing,” one said.

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Many had reservations about how safe the tip might be. “It’s too dangerous especially if you have a sharp knife,” one pointed out.

Another said: “Definitely not me slicing the tip of my index finger because I like to rest it on top when chopping.”

It’s very important to keep your fingers out of the way of the blade when using knives.

Others didn’t believe the hack was the best way to chop or mince garlic. One wrote: “Use a good garlic press, it liberates the oils and gives more taste.”

Another said: “Use the flat of the blade and press the garlic flat. Then chop/slice. It’s minced perfectly in seconds.”

One user suggested: “You can crash it with the side, cut about three lines just to make sure there are no big pieces, and then chop.”

It comes after another professional chef detailed her own “life changing” lesson on how to cut a bell pepper. 

Chef Kelly Scott is a professional chef and culinary instructor who has dedicated her life to teaching others how to cook. The food expert, from Orange Country, California, posts recipes, tips, and tricks online. The former model focuses on delicious healthy, food.

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