Classic Full English breakfast ‘popular as ever’ despite millennials changing tastes

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One in four millennials has not tasted fried bread and almost half say a traditional serving of kippers should not be allowed anywhere near a breakfast table.

Changing tastes mean morning treats are more likely to include fresh tomatoes and sourdough bread than classic sausage and bacon fry-ups, research found.

But the survey also discovered that 94 per cent of the adults questioned insist that the traditional Full English remains on the menu.

But a quarter would never take their tea with milk and two sugars as used to be popular.

Black pudding and tinned tomatoes get the thumbs down from 31 per cent, while one in ten say a slice of white bread has never touched their lips.

Items such as marmalade, full-fat milk and margarine are falling in popularity – but smashed avocado spread across wholegrain or sourdough bread gets more people’s vote.

Semi-skimmed milk is the healthy option for almost half of all tea and coffee fans, while 26 per cent choose a dairy alternative such as oat, almond or coconut milk.

Some essential elements to a time-honoured Full English remain popular, with 84 per cent insisting on free-range eggs and 74 per cent demanding baked beans with their grilled veggie sausage.

Andrew Kendall, chief operating officer at grocery delivery service Milk & More which conducted the survey, said: “The research supports what we see in our customer online orders – breakfast, including the classic Full English, is as popular as ever.”

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