Clever method to make fried eggs without frying – ‘Total time saver!’

Air Fryer cleaning hack using a dishwasher tablet

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Air fryer owners are sharing the different foods they are making in their machines. At the moment, egg cooking hacks are doing the rounds and TikTok user @ezmealswithjen shared the effortless way to make fried eggs the healthier and fuss-free way. 

Sharing the hack with her 104,000 followers, Jen commented: “Eggs in less than eight minutes! #eggs #breakfasthack #airfryer.” 

The video showed her placing a square sheet of tin foil into the air fryer basket. 

Her foil was a little larger than the basket so it covered the sides as well as the base. 

She then sprayed olive oil all over the foil and broke two eggs. 

Next, she closed the air fryer and set the timer to eight minutes. 

Once the eight minutes were up, she opened the air fryer and took out two perfectly air-fried eggs. 

Someone in the comments section asked what temperature she chose to cook the eggs and she revealed the timing adjustments she made followed a few attempts.  

Jen said: “I heated at 380f but do it for six minutes eight-nine min was too long!” 

380 Fahrenheit is around 190 degrees Celcius. 

Timings and temperature depend on the make and model of your air fryer, so it’s worth trying it out a few times to see how the eggs cook best for you in your air fryer. 

As for what others thought of the air fryer hack, Rae Springer said: “I tried this last night and it turned out great.” 

Yollanda Bryan commented: “I just tried this.. thank you. effortless!! not going back to frying my eggs in oil (sic).” 

Andy added: “Just did this, turned out great, thanks.” 

Some argued it is easier to cook eggs the original way – by using a frying pan on a hob. 

@ezmealswithjen Eggs in less than 8 minutes! #eggs #yourwelcome #homemade #breakfasthack #airfryer #timesaver ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

But, many explained how using an air fryer suited their lifestyle better. 

One said: “This would be perfect to toss in at 6am while getting ready before I go to work.” 

Another noted how it is “faster [to make on] the stove,” and Jen replied: “Not necessarily, you can place in Airfryer and leave it unattended.” 

Mia added: “This great for college students who can’t have a stove but an air fryer. 

Someone else explained: “Great for busy people, you don’t have to do the dishes and watch after the stove!”

“No cleanup – absolutely hate washing dishes with egg build-up in the pan. Thankyou foil Thankyou air fryer and thanks for this video,” one added. 

An air fryer is also a cheaper appliance than using a hob. recently revealed how much it costs to run each cooking appliance in the home per average use. 

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