Cooks go wild for easy hack to peel boiled eggs

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The content creator Sean Barker is a fitness coach. He posts his online tips and tricks on his TikTok account @seanbarkerfit. He tried out a viral hack to peel boiled eggs in seconds and was impressed.

He told fans: “You have to try this trick for peeling hard-boiled eggs, no picking or peeling necessary, keep watching.” All you need is a glass container, water, and your egg.

“I wanted to try this trick and see if it worked,” Sean said. “Here’s a hard-boiled egg. This is an easy way to peel it.

“Get a glass container with a little bit of water. You want glass preferably because it’s hard and will break up the shell.

“Give it a shake. Shake things around there you go. Open up your container and remove your egg. It’s perfectly peeled. This is a great, healthy hack for hard-boiled eggs.”

Sean’s fans discussed the hack in the comments, and many were very impressed. Gabrielle Lynn wrote: “I tried it and it worked like a charm. Where has this been my whole life?”

Another Scoot, said: “I use an egg steamer. They peel perfectly every time. I’ll never boil another one.” Danny wrote: “I’ve been doing this for years.”

Al Howard, however, did not agree. He said: “It does not work perfectly every time. I cook my hard-boiled eggs in an egg cooker and they peel perfectly every time, refrigerated or not.”

Another said: “Thank you! Awesome going to try this today, always have a hard time with my eggs.” Betty Benoit said: “After the egg is boiled pour cold water on it take a spoon and peel your egg. It’s just that easy.”

Tracy Allard said: “Put baking soda in the water while the eggs are boiling. Once they’re cooked they peel with little effort.”

This latest clever boiled egg hack came after chefs went wild for a technique to perfectly slice a boiled egg in half and remove the yolk intact. The hack was shared by foodie influencer The Modern Nonna, or Sneji.

She said: “In the 33 years of my life, why has no one told me that this is the best way to separate eggs?”  The clever hack shows home cooks how to use a sharp knife and simply roll the egg to perfectly slice it down the middle.

Commenters on this video were stunned too. One wrote: “That’s it I’m making deviled eggs for Thanksgiving.” Another said: “I am so glad I saw this before making deviled eggs next week!” One wrote: “My jaw dropped.”

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