Corona Is Getting Into the Spiked Seltzer Game Next Year


Though you might not have even heard of spiked seltzer as recently as twelve months ago, there’s been no escaping it in 2019. From the “no laws when you’re drinking Claws” movement to the proliferation of alcoholic carbonated water launched (or teased) by everyone from Polar to Four Loko, it felt like everyone who can put booze inside a can wanted a piece of the estimated $550 million market for spiked seltzer.

Corona, a beer brand that knows a bit about things people like to drink on the beach is belatedly going for the spiked seltzer cash grab. According to Beverage Daily, Constellation Brands’ beachy beer offering will be introducing a spiked seltzer of its own, set to launch in Spring 2020.

As you’d expect for a beer that’s synonymous with warm-weather relaxation, their proposed spiked flavors are sufficiently tropical. There’ll be tropical lime, mango, cherry, and a blackberry lime, proving that Corona is still really leaning into the whole lime thing even when they aren’t trying to sell lager. Each flavor will weigh in at 90 calories with zero carbs and zero sugars. At 4.5% ABV, it’s also a bit lighter than other spiked seltzers on the market (and especially that still-hypothetical Four Loko seltzer) if you’re trying to find a more appropriate balance between hydration and celebration.

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Describing their entry into the spiked seltzer market as one of Constellation Brands’ “worst kept secrets”, company CEO Bill Newlands thinks there’s room for Corona to fit in.

“I think everyone has been somewhat surprised by the aggressive growth that we’ve seen in the seltzer business,” Newlands told Beverage Daily, also noting that “ Corona brings a unique refreshment profile to this particular category” because of its zero-carb, zero-sugar approach.

We’ll have to wait a little while to find out if Newell is right. Given the lag time between the announcement of Corona’s seltzer and its actual launch next year, it’ll be interesting to see if it makes a splash, or if the world will have moved on to the next big booze trend. Either way, it’s probably a safer bet than coconut beer.  

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