Dairy Queen Is Offering Discounted Dipped Cones for National Ice Cream Day


If you had to guess when National Ice Cream Day was, you’d probably guess sometime in July. Why? It’s the perfect point in the summer to celebrate the sweetest way to regulate your core body temperature, because having to wait until August would just be cruel.

At this point, these not-at-all-made-up food holidays primarily exist as a vehicle for various restaurants and food brands to promote their offerings. But most of the time, that at least means they’re hooking up their customers with some sort of worthwhile deal.

Dairy Queen’s approach to National Ice Cream Day this year will be no exception. Though the raging pandemic forced them to cancel Free Cone Day earlier this year, they’re hoping to atone for it now by offering one dollar off any sized Dipped Cone on Sunday, July 19, 2020.

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Of course this offer doubles as an effort to boost app downloads. Why? Because you have to redeem the offer through the DQ mobile app at a participating location in order to claim the deal. But given that the dollar off discount does apply to any Dipped Cone, including their Cotton Candy Dipped Cone, which is really like two treats in one. Hey, if you’re going to get $1 off, you might as well leverage that deal to maximize your value.

If you’re worried about encountering the kind of jerk who gets off on feeling persecuted for not wearing a mask and using it as an excuse to berate underpaid workers, the good thing to know is you can claim your Dipped Cone deal via drive thru or delivery. That’s in addition to takeout and in/outdoor dining (where legal). I’m skeptical about the logistics of having an ice cream cone delivered to your door, but maybe that’s just me.

local DQ, mask up, download the app, and get going. National Ice Cream Day comes but once a year. Go big or go home.

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