DEAL OF THE DAY: Shoppers can get free pancakes from any supermarket

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Pancake Day is happening next Tuesday February 21, 2023 and it’s the perfect day to enjoy the delicious treat. If you’re planning on making some pancakes at home, shoppers can now get free ingredients with this deal.

FREE Pancakes Deal

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TopCashback is offering all new and existing memebers a deal where they can get free pancake ingredients, pre-made pancakes, pancake mix with a worth up to £2 from any UK supermarket right now. Sign up at the link to redeem the deal and be sure to shop in-store before Tuesday February 21, 2023 at midnight.

Pancake Day a.k.a Shrove Tuesday is the perfect excuse to tuck into a sweet or savoury pancake.

Easy to make, most pancakes simply require a mix, flour, eggs and milk and research from Too Good To Show has shown that 38 percent of Brits taking part in the day are planning to buy freshly-made ingredients.

TopCashback is offering all of its members an amazing deal where they can get £2 worth of pre-made pancakes, ready-made pancake mix and any raw ingredients that can be used to make a pancakes, for free from any UK supermarket right now.

You’ll have until midnight on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 to redeem the deal so don’t miss out on the offer.

It’s only available on in-store purchases so head to your nearest M&S or Aldi to buy ingredients for the day.

Here’s how to claim the offer.

1. Spend a minimum of £2 on the purchase of pancake ingredients in any store.

2. Retain your receipt when you pay. 

3. Take a photo of your receipt that clearly shows the date, the shop name and payment method.

4. Existing users should follow this link.

5. New members can sign up to TopCashback via this link.

6. Upload a photo of your receipt before February 21, 23:59pm.

7. £2 cashback will track in your TopCashback account within 14 days.

Terms & Conditions here:

  • 100% cashback will be awarded for purchases of pancake ingredients up to £2.00 at any UK stores. Transactions over £2.00 in value will receive £2.00 cashback.
  • This offer is valid between 9am 17th February until 23:59 21st February . Any receipts uploaded after this time will be invalid.
  • The receipt must clearly show the date, the shop name and the amount spent on pancake ingredients.
  • Purchases made online will not be eligible for cashback, so you must snap a receipt that you’ve obtained in any UK or Ireland retail store

If you’re looking to buy pancake mixes or pre-made pancakes, M&S has launched some delicious options.

Fitness lovers can buy four Eat Well Maple Protein Pancakes in-store for only £1.80, and each is delicious while being high in protein with banana puree, wheat protein, maple syrup or cinnamon.

Whipping up fluffy pancakes at home is made easy with the American-Style Pancake Shaker Mix which is only £1 and all you need to do is add water to make six delicious pancakes.

There’s a classic and vegan option available, and all items can be found in-store now.

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