Disney's New Mickey Mouse-Shaped Doughnut Is Massive

What’s better than a strawberry icing-covered doughnut that’s shaped like Mickey Mouse? A GIANT strawberry icing-covered doughnut that’s shaped like Mickey Mouse, of course.

Disney World’s new Celebration Donuts are huge, incredibly Insta-worthy, and, most importantly, here to stay.

The adorable treats were originally reported to be limited-edition, but we’re happy to report that they’ll be a permanent fixture on the Cheshire Cat Cafe’s menu.

They're available in three flavors (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry) and cost $9 apiece.

These things are so big, you guys, they come in pizza boxes.

Disney Food Blog reviewed the doughnut in a post last month.

“You can certainly see they’re pretty—but how do they taste? Pretty darn delicious,” the post reads. “It’s a yeast donut with tasty frosting that tastes, well … like a donut! But a very good donut at that. We saw plenty of families sharing them which we would certainly recommend because it’s so big!”

In the mood for something a bit smaller, but with a whole lot more glitter? The new Aladdin-inspired Wish Granted Donut is available at Sunshine Tree Terrace.

One thing’s for certain—we do-nut want to miss either magical treat. (Sorry).

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