Dunkin’ Is Bringing Back Free Donut Fridays and Free Coffee Mondays


For much of this year, you could argue that America is either not running at all or else actively running away from the problem of Covid-19 and kind of just hoping it disappears. But even in the midst of a global nightmare, it can still run on Dunkin’.

Amid the confusing early days of lockdowns, Dunkin’ and its Free Donut Fridays gave us a glimmer of hope and a convenient way to differentiate the days of the week. Just as suddenly as they appeared, however, this source of sugary salvation was gone, leaving us to fend for ourselves and pay for our own doughnuts seven days a week.

Now, there’s another day of Dunkin’ deals that will make your Mondays in August more tolerable. Beginning Monday, August 3, Dunkin’ is giving out free medium hot or iced coffees to DD perks members with the purchase of a doughnut, bagel, or whatever the heck other food you can get from a Dunkin’ these days.

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The sweet yin to the caffeinated yang of Free Coffee Mondays, is, of course, the return of Free Donut Fridays. It’s functionally just the opposite: get yourself a drink of any kind (doesn’t even need to be a coffee) on Fridays in August and you’ll walk out of there with a free doughnut. A pretty simple deal, but definitely a needed one after it disappeared from our lives for two months.

The caveat to all of this is that you have to be a DD Perks member to claim these rewards, but that’s no big deal, really. It’s just a matter of using the Dunkin’ app to pay, which also gives you the benefit of earning rewards over time and ordering ahead. It’s a small hurdle, but nothing anyone with a smartphone can’t set up with just a few taps. 

Sure everything else about the world is terrible, but the ability to claim free stuff from Dunkin’ at the start and end of your week should at least help make these dog days a little more bearable. Now if only they could do something about the other five days of the week. 

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