Every Day Is Game Day with This Cheesy Pesto Chicken Dip

A good dip is pure comfort food and an essential part of any sports season. This cheesy, creamy chicken pesto dip is a bit unusual, because it’s a rich, indulgent cheese bomb that still somehow manages to be full of bright, fresh summer flavors like garden tomatoes and fresh pesto.

Fresh grated cheddar gives this dip its intense cheesiness. Once it’s melted, it should pull into the most satisfying cheese strings every time you dip into it. It might be a bit messy, but you won’t want to change a thing. 

Start with softened cream cheese. It should be easy to stir with a spatula. If you have to press too hard, it needs more time to soften. The cream cheese is the glue that forms the base of the recipe and brings all the other flavors together. Stir in freshly grated cheese and fresh garlic until everything is well-combined. Fold in shredded chicken and sliced cherry tomatoes.

Next, fold in some pesto. You can make your own pesto, and if you have enough fresh basil to do it, fresh pesto is absolutely worth it. But you can also use whatever jar of pesto you like best. Finally, add a smidgen of liquid smoke. That will give the dip a satisfying smokiness that will make everyone wonder, “What on earth is in this dip?”

Spoon everything into a baking dish and bake until the cheese is fully melted and bubbling on top. It’ll be hot, but serve it immediately with some slices of baguette toast, chips, or crackers. 

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Get the recipe: Pesto Chicken Dip from How Sweet Eats

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