‘Fail-proof turkey paste will guarantee juicy, tender turkey’

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Chef Moïse is a chef whose recipes have gone viral on social media innumerable times. The cook has an enormous 859.7K followers and 23M “likes” on her account @chefmoise_.

Moïse claims to have a secret ingredient to make your Christmas turkey perfect, but it may well be very divisive. The cook told her followers: “Why is no chef or content creator talking about this fail-proof turkey paste that will guarantee a juicy tender turkey every time?

“Of course, there are a million turkey recipes out there, but for some reason, none of these chefs are using this special paste.

“No shade to the compound butter lovers, butter is a great addition to turkey, but personally, I think the best way to make turkey is using mayo. That’s right, half mayo and half yoghurt.”

The chef mixes mayo and yoghurt together in a bowl, before adding seasoning to the mixture and using it as a paste, rubbing it all over her turkey.

@chefmoise_ Then at the END, baste her in butter and omg #chefmoise #turkeyrecipe #juicyturkey ♬ She Knows – J. Cole

Chef Moïse said: “Use this instead of butter because it can retain itself so much longer than butter. So when you incorporate your seasonings, all of that flavour will retain on the skin and underneath the skin a lot longer. And because the oil is going to separate from the mayo, you’re gonna get extra crispy skin guaranteed.”

Moïse bastes her turkey every hour and claims the paste results in amazingly crispy skin and a moist turkey every single time. The chef claims to have cooked an 18lb bird in four hours with a single dry bite.

TikTok users took to the comments to discuss the hack. One wrote: “I use yogurt when making chicken shawarma, so I can kinda see it.”

“It’s why a lot of Indian and Arab food use yogurt,” one commenter said. One wrote: “I use yogurt when making chicken shawarma, so I can kinda see it.”

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Some tried the recipe themselves and had positive results. One said: “I took a chance and experimented. I only used mayo and spices paste (no yogurt) on half a turkey (very small group) the most juicy oven roasted.”

“I made my turkey this way and I will never make it another way again. so freaking good,” one said. Another wrote: “I use mayo on chicken all the time, can’t taste it, leaves it tender af. I never thought to do it with turkey.”

From turkey to roast potatoes, a foodie content creator has a secret ingredient for “banging” roast potatoes.  He said: “First of all, get the best potatoes you can, Maris Pipes are good but literally any regular potato will still come out great.”

He also suggested using bicarbonate of soda for crispy potatoes. The chef said: “Into boiling water, add a teaspoon of salt and bicarbonate of soda. It helps to break down the outside of the potato to fluff them up and get them more crispy.”

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