Fast and easy method to cooking crispy bacon without oven or frying

If you want crispy bacon, most suggest using an oven or frying pan to achieve the perfect crispiness.

But one TikTok creator can cook crispy bacon in the microwave in less than five minutes. shared a video with its 230,000 followers of a step-by-step guide for this method.

The video started by asking: “Can you microwave bacon?” Before showing you how it’s done.

Take a large plate that’s safe to be microwaved, and line it with a sheet of paper towel. If you want small batches of crispy chip-like bacon, try the microwave! ������ #pepperph #bacon #microwaverecipes #microwavebacon #keto #lutongbahay #pinoyfoodie #lutotayo #fyp #xyz ♬ Countless – Official Sound Studio

Place the strips of bacon on the paper towel and then place another sheet of paper on top.

Put the plate into the microwave, and on a high setting, microwave for three minutes.

Carefully check how crispy the bacon is before microwaving it for a couple more minutes.

Some of those who tried this cooking hack said the paper towel stuck to the bacon as it cooked, to stop this from happening, consider using baking paper or greaseproof paper instead.

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Otherwise, consider buying a microwave bacon crisper.

The ribbed design try crisps bacon up “to perfection” and “any excess fat drips into the channels”, making it a healthy cooking method.

It comes with a lid so it stops any splatters from hitting the inside of the microwave, therefore reducing the need to clean after.

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