Fast and simple meals for college students

Are you a college student and want to know some simple meals that you can even make yourself at home? Here are some amazing ideas for you.

College students have a very busy life, and it sometimes becomes difficult for them to maintain a balance between their studies and personal life. They often compromise on their health and family time to get good grades. But it is surprising those students who are good at taking care of themselves and have good health can perform better in their class. Because what you eat and your emotional states affect your mental capabilities as well. A student who is nowadays under huge pressure of studies and fulfilling some family or job-related responsibilities finds someone else to reduce their homework burden, but they do it consciously by firstly reviewing the feedback from customers, such as papernow reviews or is iwriteessays legit or expertwriting review. Therefore it is necessary to find such ways where not only you can focus on your studies, but have a nutritious and healthy food intake.

Here is a list of the options of a proper meal so that you both eat and perform well

1.  Egg and Vegetable Fried Rice

Rice is the favorite food of many people and it serves as a complete meal. For dinners, you can easily make it or order if you want. Fried rice is easy to cook if you have some boiled rice available in your fridge and some fresh vegetables. You can add some nicely chopped sausage, chicken or shrimp to make it more nutritious. You can check the recipe and easily prepare this super delicious and simple dish.

2.  Sausage and Egg Sandwiches

Almost everyone enjoys eating sausages and chicken patties. These can be bought and stocked on holidays. You can easily make a rich sandwich using them. In a fresh bun or two slices of bread paste some mayonnaise, cheese, and fried sausage, add a fried egg and enjoy an amazing sandwich made at home.

3.  Mixed Fruit Bowl / Vegetable Salad Bowl

There is nothing better than having a mixed fruit bowl at breakfast. You can sometimes eat a scrambled egg or have a glass of fresh juice. At lunch, you may have a vegetable salad bowl someday, maybe at weekends. This is going to be a nutritious meal for you

4.  Spaghetti and Meat Balls

Students love pasta and spaghetti, as they are very easy to cook. Just boil some spaghetti and make a sauce with meatballs in a pan. Meatballs are easily available in the market that you can buy and freeze. Once the spaghetti is done, mix it with meatballs and you are ready to enjoy a delicious and easy meal.

5.  Instant Vegetable or Chicken Rice

It is really easy to make vegetable or chicken rice if you have things readily available at your dorm or home. Just fry some onion, add chicken and spices, a glass of water and rice and let the rice get cooked. This is an easy and delicious Asian dish that anyone can cook and enjoy.

6.  Dumpling Soup

Frozen dumplings stuffed with chicken, or shrimps are easily available. Grab a packet from nearby superstore and refrigerate it. You can add these dumplings in boiling chicken or vegetable stock with some vegetables or sauces of your choice. This is an amazing easy meal and fulfilling winter soup that you will appreciate.

7.  Paratha with Scrambled Egg

Parathas are just like a burrito, they are easily available and can be fried at home. These taste great with scrambled egg or half fried egg or omelet at breakfast.

8.  Pasta With Chicken and Vegetables

Pasta is another easy dish to cook. You can sometimes prepare it with chicken bites and some time with vegetables.