FYI: Oreos Coated In Cadbury Chocolate Exist

We’d eat just about anything coated in Cadbury chocolate. It’s pretty much the single greatest thing to happen to the candy aisle since that one person got chocolate on that other person’s peanut butter (Cadbury was definitely around before Reese’s, but you get the point). 

We also love Oreos. They’re the greatest thing to happen to the cookie aisle since Nutter Butter (go ahead, fight me). 

That’s why we’re thrilled to report that Cadbury-coated Oreos exist somewhere in the world—the U.K., to be exact. 

According to Cosmopolitan, Cadbury said in a press release that the new creation "offers the biscuity deliciousness of Oreo completely covered in iconic Cadbury chocolate to give a taste like no other." 

"We’re thrilled to launch Oreo Cadbury Coated,” Joanna Dias, senior brand manager at Mondelēz International, said of the new launch. “We wanted to give our fans an even more delicious version of the much-loved cookie we all know so well and offer them a brand new eating experience.”

Each package costs £2 (about $2.54) and you can purchased one in all major U.K.-based supermarkets.

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