Genius cooking method for fried eggs without using oil or a pan

Eggs can be cooked in so many different ways many of which are quick and easy.

But when it comes to frying them, it’s tempting to call upon glugs of oil and lashings of butter to stop them sticking to the pan.

While there’s no doubt the fat adds flavour to the eggs, one TikTok chef has found a way to fry without anything at all – including a pan.

Sharing a video on her page, Rose Reisman (@rosereisman ) said: “Okay so you don’t want to use a skillet in the morning for some really nice fried eggs? No problem.”

Instead, Rose recommended swapping a pan for just two paper plates and a microwave.

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To cook perfect fried eggs in seconds, the TikTok chef started by cracking two eggs directly onto one of the plates.

Three can be cooked at once at a push but one to two is best for the quickest results.

Once Rose had cracked the eggs, she then placed the second plate on top of them.

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The next step was to microwave the eggs for “about a minute and a half” full power (800-1000W).

When cooking more eggs, however, the cooking time should be increased by around 30 seconds to ensure the whites are firm.

Once the eggs were cooked, Rose claimed that they “look great” and were “loose to the way [she] really likes them”.

The TikTok chef noted that they can always be cooked a little more for a firmer yolk but the whole point of the hack is to “keep the kitchen really clean”, with no washing up.

People who tried Rose’s fried egg method at home took to the comments to share their results, with one person writing: “It works! I love it!”

Another praised the healthy cooking tip for using no oil at all, while a third person proclaimed that the eggs were “delicious”.

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