Healthy takeaway options: Nutritionist reveals the healthiest takeaways to order

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With restaurants still closed until April 12, many Brits are ordering takeaways to support local businesses and satisfy their food cravings. Takeaways can be extremely calorific, which isn’t ideal if you’re watching your waistline. However, you can choose healthier options on every single takeaway menu. chatted to Signe Svanfeldt, nutritionist at Lifesum (, the world’s number one nutrition app to find out which takeaway to order if you’re trying to lose weight or eat healthier.

During the lockdown, takeaways are one of the only ways to enjoy some food that you haven’t cooked yourself.

While it’s perfectly fine to enjoy a calorie-dense meal every now and then, takeaways are often full of salt, sugar and bad fats.

Not only will takeaways cause you to gain weight if eaten too regularly, but they could also increase your risk of dangerous diseases. chatted to nutritionist Lifesum Signe Svanfeldt to find out what the healthiest takeaway orders are.

Signe said: “The best option is to make a fakeaway yourself so you can be aware of all the ingredients.

“Many Takeaway options can be rich in things we should limit in our daily diet, such as added sugar, saturated fats and sodium – so it’s always best to add more vegetables where possible.”

Here’s what you should order from each different takeaway restaurant, from the chippie to your local burger joint.

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Fish and chips

The average portion of fish and chips has around 840 to 1,000 calories.

Fish and chips are covered in salt, vinegar, fatty batter, and fried in lots of oil.

However, you can always ask for your fish and chips to be topping-free and you can add a small amount yourself at home.

The batter is what soaks up all of the fat, so either order breadcrumb-coated fish or don’t eat the batter.

Signe added: “Try to include some vegetables, like green peas or choose potato wedges instead of chips if possible!”

The thicker the chips the better, according to the NHS website. Thicker chips absorb less fat.


Who doesn’t love Italian food? There’s something for everyone and it’s always covered in delicious cheese or a tomato sauce.

Depending on where you order your Italian from, the typical 12-inch standard pizza has between 800 and 2,000 calories in.

Signe said: “Whether you are having pasta or a pizza avoid highly processed meats and choose options with a lot of vegetables.”

With pasta dishes, you should opt for a tomato or vegetable sauce rather than a creamy sauce.

If you’re ordering pizza, choose a small pizza with a thin base.


Chinese takeaways are one of the worst in terms of calories. An average takeaway of a vegetable spring roll starter, sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice has 2,184 calories.

Chinese food is often battered, crispy and deep-fried, which means it is high in fat.

This takeaway will never be totally healthy but you can make better choices.

Signe said the healthiest options are those rich in vegetables, so go for soups and steamed vegetables rather than battered pork balls and egg fried rice.

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Thai food isn’t great for you either if you make the wrong choices.

Thai takeaways are a popular choice for curry lovers, but green and red curries contain coconut milk which is high in saturated fat.

Try not to eat all of the sauce and order steamed rice instead of egg-fried rice.

Signe said: “Again, avoid fried or deep-fried foods, and always try to include options which are rich in vegetables, as these are the healthiest options.”


Mexican food is full of oil, salt, cheese, and sour cream, and you’ll end up eating more than your daily calorie limit in just one meal.

Signe said: “The best options in a Mexican takeaway are those with a lot of beans, tomato-based salsas and vegetables.

“Try to have less of the red meat, and choose options that aren’t deep-fried.”


Sushi is known for being very healthy and low in calories, but it depends on what ingredients are used and how it is prepared.

Signe said: “The fish in sushi is great as it contributes to healthy fat and protein, but try to have less of the deep-fried versions such as tempura.

“You should also try not to over-consume the soy sauce, as it is rich in sodium.”


Kebabs are slightly healthier than many other takeaways because they are not deep-fried, but they’re not completely healthy.

Signe said: “Choose a salad instead of chips, and if you want to consume fewer calories – have less of the white sauce as it tends to be high in fat and energy-rich.

“If you want to choose an even better option: go for the falafel!”


Burgers can be fairly healthy if you make the best choices you can.

Signe said: “Choose the options with less meat, and preferably no bacon.

“Choose options with a lot of vegetables and the kinds that aren’t deep-fried.

“If possible – choose potato wedges or vegetables as a side, instead of chips.”

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