‘How restaurants make the perfect scrambled eggs’: Delicious hack

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Jess Moses is a food photographer who shares “food hacks that will change your life” on her TikTok account @freshlysnapped, where she has 18.8k followers. She asked her followers: “Ever wondered how restaurants make the perfect scrambled eggs? Here’s your answer!”

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The influencer cracked two eggs into a bowl. She then reached for a fork and whisked them together. She put a pan on the hob, and added butter, waiting until it had melted in the pan.

Then she poured the egg mixture into the pan. She then dragged from the outside of the egg mixture to the inside, creating delicious folds of egg.

Lastly, she sprinkles pepper on top and then transfers it to a plate ready to eat. The hack has been “liked” over 970,000 times and watched a huge 12 million times.

One commenter wrote: “I’ve been making scrambled eggs wrong my entire life.”

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Another said: “Thanks, I’m going to make this for breakfast.” “That’s the method that I use, I learned it from my uncle,” one user said.

Another commented: “That is how I do it except I use a silicone spatula.” Someone asked, “Why did you not flip them?” to which another commenter replied, “You don’t need to if done properly, with a wooden spoon and the flame turned down.”

Some had suggestions for improving scrambled eggs. “Is it just me who adds milk to my eggs before putting them on the pan?” one asked. “My mom always did that so I just always did that too.”

“Fun fact: scrambled eggs with parmigiana taste better,” one fan wrote.

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Scrambled egg is a dish traditionally made with beaten eggs, then heated up, usually with butter and salt. The most simple recipe, and the fundamentals, is eggs alone. However, over the years additions have been made.

Common additions include milk, cream, creme fraiche, or cheese. Pepper is commonly sprinkled on top. The most popular method of scrambling eggs varies from country to country. In the US, the above method is preferred.

In Britain, eggs are generally stirred during cooking. Egg bhurji, the Indian variation, is a delicious mix of eggs, onions, green chili, ginger, turmeric and potatoes.

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Another food content creator detailed a clever way to soften or defrost butter fast without a microwave. 

The hack was posted by America’s Test Kitchen on its YouTube account, where it boasts 1.61 million subscribers.

She said: “Start by filling a glass with hot water and very patiently let it sit for a few minutes. Then dump out the water and place the warm glass on top of your butter.”

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