How to Make a Burrito Worthy of a Chipotle Ad

One of our brilliant food stylists, Rishon Hanners, recently attempted to recreate a photo from a Chipotle ad. She did it (spoiler alert), but it wasn’t easy. We don’t want to give too much away—you can watch the video here—but toothpicks, Polygrip, and tweezers were involved. It is possible, however, to make an Insta-worthy (and edible) burrito in your own home. Here are three food stylist-approved tips to keep in mind:

1. Color is key.

Cooking dinner shouldn't be complicated

Nobody wants to look at a beige burrito. Make sure your colorful veggies and herbs are the star of the show by picking fresh and attractive ingredients at the store. Once you get home, you can cut and style your tomatoes, beans, and cilantro however you want.

2. Don’t be shy with the filling—but don’t overstuff.

Rishon used a paper plate to ensure that her burrito was perfectly round and plump-looking. We don’t recommend doing that at home. Instead, make sure you have an appropriate amount of ingredients to fill the tortilla. Make sure you don’t overstuff, though—a ripped burrito won’t look good in photos.

3. Know your angles.

You’ll notice that burritos in ads are always open-faced and angled toward the camera. You want to choose an angle that showcases all your ingredients, not just the tortilla.

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