How to ripen an avocado in just two minutes so it’s ready to eat

Tortilla chef explains how to tell if an avocado is ripe

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Need an avocado and have less than five minutes to spare? Try Taste of Home’s two minute food hack for ripening this tricky fruit.

Avocados are popular for many reasons – they taste great, are versatile, not to mention their superfood properties.

However, it’s extremely difficult to get the timings right – they’re usually either rock solid or brown and mushy in the middle.

This is particularly annoying because avocados are not the cheapest of fruits.

For the unripe avocados out there, what’s the best – and quickest – way to ripen them so they do not go to waste?

Taste of Home suggests that all avocado lovers need is two minutes and a microwave.

However, they do caveat this; this trick only works for fruits that are almost ripe, not ones so hard they could break your teeth.

The first step is to slice the avocado in half, before removing the pit.

Then, you must wrap each half in microwave-safe plastic wrap.

Lakeland Compostable Cling Film 28cm x 30m is available on Amazon for £6.29.

Next, microwave the avocado on high for two minutes. Let it cool down until it is easy to touch.

Still in the plastic, run the wrapped halves under cold water to stop them cooking.

Unwrap the avocados and use however you wish – from a sandwich filler to salads, from guacamole to tacos.

For avocados that are extremely hard and currently inedible, unfortunately this two minute hack will not do the trick.

Taste of Home provided another cheap hack for ripening an avocado that is rock solid.

For this one, all avocado lovers need is their avocado, an apple, a paper bag and up to 72 hours – although it could take as little as one day.

Pop your avocado in the paper bag alongside an apple.

Use a toothpick or pin to poke holes in the bag in several spots, before leaving it on any surface at room temperature.

But why the mysterious apple? Apples produce ethylene gas, which is known as the fruit ripening hormone.

As this gas is emitted, it speeds up the ripening of the other fruits it surrounds.

The paper bag will hold in all this ethylene and allow the avocado to ripen quicker.

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