How to store food so it’s ‘fresh for much longer’ – ‘lasts up to six months’

TikTok user shares plastic shopping bag storage hack

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TikTok creator @neat.caroline is a professional organiser. She took to the social media platform to share her top food storage hacks to “make food last longer”.

Many store their milk in their fridge doors, however Caroline suggested that this can make it go off quicker.

Caroline’s first top tip was therefore to keep milk on fridge shelves, avoiding the doors.

She recommended a top or middle shelf where the fridge is coldest.

Her next handy hack was storing nuts and seeds in airtight containers and keeping them in the fridge.

This keeps them “fresh for much longer”.

The organising guru told viewers that this trick can make them “lasts up to six months”.

When it comes to keeping cheese tasty, Caroline recommended wrapping it in parchment paper.

According to the Tik Tok creator, this technique holds in moisture whilst allowing the cheese to breathe.

This also prevents mould growth.

To keep berries “fresh” and without those dreaded mouldy bits, Caroline offered another simple hack.

She told viewers to store berries in a glass container lined with a paper towel.

This cheap tip works to preserve moisture.

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She continued: “If you like your butter at room temperature, use salted instead of unsalted butter so that it lasts longer.”

Her final tip was to place ginger in a plastic bag with the air pushed out and store it in the crisper drawer of the fridge.

The crisper drawer offers a bit more humidity and is designed to prolong the freshness of stored produce.

The content creator explained: “This will keep out oxygen and moisture.”

Caroline’s tips were greatly received, with more than 15,000 people saving the tips for future reference.

It has amassed a whopping 121,000 likes so far.

People flocked to the comments to praise the savvy tips.

@aaydray said: “My fruit lasts so much longer in the glass, I was blown away.”

@susanboozinfofusan added: “Thanks! I learned multiple new things! Also, I keep ginger in the freezer so it is easy to grate.”

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