‘It just works!’ Clodagh McKenna shares a hack to ripen fruit quickly and keep food fresh

This Morning: Clodagh offers tips on how to ripen fruit

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Clodagh McKenna detailed her food hack during an appearance on This Morning today. She also explained how to keep avocados fresh when cooking.

Buying fruit that has not yet ripened is a great way to avoid waste.

However, unripened fruit can pose problems when it’s time to cook.

The chef suggested a clever hack for any food product that has not ripened in time for use.

She suggested simply leaving them in a bag with a banana overnight.

“If your tomatoes aren’t ripe, here’s a really good tip,” Clodagh stated.

“Or if your avocados aren’t ripe.

“Actually, if anything in your life isn’t ripe, just pop it into a brown paper bag with a banana.”

She explained how bananas can help ripen many foods in a matter of hours.

The expert added: “The potassium in the banana ripens up the fruits, or whatever.

“It’ll do it overnight which is fantastic.”

Clodagh went on to share a recipe for making a simple summer salsa.

She made this using the ripened tomatoes and avocados, as well as red onions and chilli.

As the expert added the ingredients to the bowl, she shared another ingenious cooking tip.

Clodagh revealed she had the stone from the avocado in the mixture.

Doing this can keep an avocado fresh when using it in recipes, she claimed.

Clodagh said: “The stone from the avocado keeps the avocado from going brown.

“You leave it in [the bowl]. It’s some kind of chemical thing between the avocado and the stone. It just works.”

Clodagh will often appear on This Morning to share her cooking hacks with viewers.

The Irish chef announced she is going to take a short break from the ITV morning show.

This is as she is set to get married to the Queen’s Godson Harry Herbert.

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