James Martin’s French onion soup is deliciously easy to make

Beloved British chef James Martin is a whiz in the kitchen and has an incredible collection of stunning family-favourite recipes. ITV shared how to make his famous French onion soup.

On a cold evening, there’s not much better than a warming bowl of soup.

It can also be dished up as a dinner party starter, served with warm bread or croutons.

With the right side dishes, it can even be a main course, served with cheese and crackers, baked potato, steamed veggies or broccoli with cheese sauce.

It’s an impressive dish that is sure to be a favourite around the table, but with just three steps it’s definitely achievable.

The delicious soup by James Martin serves four people but chefs can amend the quantities depending on how many guests there are.

Or, portions can be made slightly smaller or larger depending on whether it is being served as a starter or main course.

There are plenty of tasty ingredients in the recipe but many of them you may already have at home.

There’s nothing particularly weird or wonderful involved so it’s not a recipe that requires the needless purchase of ingredients you won’t use again.

The recipe includes beef stock but vegetarians and vegans can swap this out for vegetable stock.

Speaking on This Morning, James stated: “It wants to be full, it wants to be piping hot and don’t worry about the dribbles around the bowl.”

He told budding chefs to not scrimp on the cheese at the end – “when you think you’ve got more on, get more on”.


Five roscoff onions, peeled and sliced

25g butter

Two garlic cloves, finely chopped

Few sprigs thyme

50ml sherry

50ml white wine

25ml brandy

500ml beef stock

One tbsp brown sugar

Salt and pepper

For the croutons

Four slices of baguette

Grated Emmental and Gruyere cheese


1. Place the onions into a hot saucepan with the butter, garlic and thyme. Cook until coloured before adding the sherry, wine, brandy and stock. Season with the sugar, salt and pepper. Cook for 10-15 minutes.

2. For the croutons, cover the bread in the cheeses and grill for two minutes.

3. To serve, spoon the soup into bowls and put the large cheesy croutons on top.

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