Jimmy John’s is Now Selling Bread on Demand


In case you happen to be a bear who just woke up from hibernation with a sudden and magical ability to both read and surf the web, we’re living through some strange and scary times. Millions have lost their jobs as COVID-19 closes businesses and restaurants, and essential foods are flying off the shelves.

That new status quo has already inspired small restaurants to sell off their wares to customers, and now Jimmy John's is introducing a grander plan to effectively turn their drive throughs into bread lines.

This week, the sandwich chain with two first names introduced what it’s calling “Freaky Fresh® Bread on Demand,” and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: at participating Jimmy John’s outlets across the country, you can now buy a loaf of their famous and freshly baked French bread. It’s no taco kit, but it can definitely come in handy.

For Jimmy John’s, it’s a way to keep business moving by shifting gears to the things people need the most in a time of crisis.

Jimmy John’s wants to help our neighbors across the country by making it easier to get daily necessities like freshly-baked bread,” Jimmy John’s CMO Darin Dugan said in a press release. “Available across the country immediately, we will be offering Freaky Fresh® Bread on Demand: freshly baked bread delivered to our guests any way they want it – curbside pickup, drive-thru, or contactless delivery to their door.”

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According to Jimmy John’s, their Freaky Fresh(R) Bread on Demand should retail for about $2, though prices and participation will naturally vary—especially at a time like this. Still, if you were planning on ordering a sandwich anyways, you might as well stock up on an essential that you’re going to need eventually. And if it saves you a trip to the grocery store at a time when we should all be staying home as much as possible, that’s definitely a win for everyone.



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