Keep carrots fresh for ‘at least six months’ with food storage tip

Carrots can be enjoyed raw and cooked but neither are very enjoyable if they’re already gone off.

However, when it comes to finding the best place to store them, there’s conflicting advice on the matter.

While some people swear by the fridge for this orange vegetable, others opt for a cool, dry spot in the kitchen.

That said, neither will keep the carrots fresh and crunchy for more than a few days without taking one extra step, according to Nancy Birtwhistle, author of the Green Gardening Handbook and Green Living Made Easy.

Sharing her expert advice on her Instagram page, she explained that there is a simple way to keep the vegetables at their best for “at least” half a year.

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Nancy explained: “Leaving carrots in a supermarket plastic bag will ensure they rot in a few days.

“Wrap instead in a damp cloth and they’ll keep at least six months – fact!”

To follow Nancy’s method, start by emptying the carrots from the plastic packaging as soon as they’re brought home

Next, dampen a clean tea towel under cold water and gently wring out the excess water.

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Lay it flat on a surface and lay the carrots out evenly spaced apart on top, then roll it up to cover them completely.

For this to work, leave the edges of the towel clear to fold them inwards and seal the vegetables in somewhat tightly.

Once wrapped, place carefully into the bottom drawer of the fridge.

Nancy recommended re-dampening the tea towel once a week and re-wrapping the carrots to keep them as fresh as possible for six months – or even longer.‌

‌Instagram users who viewed the home-hacks experts’ video praised the clever storage solution.

One person wrote: “Yes! I do this now and they have lasted for weeks, thank you, Nancy.”

Another commented: “This absolutely works. No more squishy, soggy carrots thrown away.”

A third person added: “Done it with fresh I’ve grown! Thanks.”

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