KFC Is Looking for a Professional "Finger Licker"

For years, KFC has claimed that their chicken is “finger lickin’ good.” Now, they’re on the lookout for someone who’s good at finger licking to be a part of an upcoming ad campaign in the UK and Ireland.

According to a recent Tweet, KFC is on the hunt for a “finger lickin’ model” who can earn the right to appear on a billboard showcasing their skills. Yes, really. If you’re good at licking your fingers, they’re trying to give you a (temp) job.

As the contest states, “one clucky fan will get the chance to tuck into some of kentucky’s finest, winging their way to stardom as the face of the chicken legend’s latest campaign,” which will feature a photo shoot showcasing the winner’s ability to lick their fingers.

You don’t need to prepare a resume in order to apply, because that doesn’t really make sense. Instead, you’ll simply have to Tweet at @KFC_UKI with the hashtag #KFCFRYERME and a 280 character or less explanation about why you are worthy of showing off your skills to chicken fans of Great Britain and Ireland.

If you successfully interview for this competitive gig, your finger lickin’ photo will appear in (at least one) KFC restaurant. You’ll also be immortalized on a billboard, which is definitely something not everyone can put on their resume. It doesn’t sound like there’s any pay involved, but you can’t put a price on short-lived fame.

Is it a little unorthodox? Sure. But hey, it’s not like you’re committing to having KFC cater your wedding or anything. May the best finger licker win, and for the love of good please wash your hands after you’re done.


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