Klondike Donuts Put Two of the Best Treats Together


“What would you do for a Klondike bar?” It’s a question many have been asked, and at this point you might have settled on your answer. But what would you do for a Klondike bar if that Klondike bar was also a doughnut?

That’s the assumed premise behind the impending release of a new line of Klondike Donuts, a frozen treat that combines the best breakfast food (doughnuts) with the best dessert (ice cream) into a single perfect, chocolate-covered package.


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First spotted by food Instagrammer and YouTuber @Tamisclock, these Klondike treats use pretty much the same silver foiled presentation you’re used to. But once you open them up, you’re treated to a Klondike bar complete with a doughnut hole, with a bit of fun “frosting” drizzled on top.

The product launch, which has since been confirmed by Klondike, will also bring the spirit of the doughnut shop into the ice cream parlor with its first round of flavor options. Among them are classic Boston Cream, a dazzlingly decadent Triple Chocolate, and a Frosted Strawberry, which looks like it’ll take things one step further thanks to some colorful sprinkles.

Klondike earns a ton of cred for really leaning into the whole doughnut thing. Maybe it’s because I’m ignorant when it comes to how food is made, but I’m very impressed with their ability to basically make an ice cream sandwich with a hole in the middle. Somehow, it just boggles the mind. And in case you’re about to complain that the hole means there’s less ice cream to go around, it’s worth observing that the squared edges of this ice cream doughnut probably come pretty close to making up for it.

Though any reasonable doughnut or dessert lover likely wants to get their hands on these things right now, Klondike has made the perfectly reasonable decision to wait until March to drop their Donuts line. But once they drop, you can bet that these things will absolutely count as an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast all spring and summer long.




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